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If the dress fits...

yeah, well it doesn't. Cute vintage dress does not fit my fat, disgusting @ss. Worst of all, someone told me I am not aging well. I'm only 24 but maybe the partying/booze/cigarettes have taken their toll. I'm going to try to find a cream or a lotion something. I hate myself. Looking old at 24.

So I've been fucking disgusting since that night at the movies. Food. Food. Food. Puke. Puke. Puke. I'm shoving popcorn in my face now, and I don't even want it...I just NEED it to kill something inside of me. I hate myself so fucking much right now.


Tomorrow is time to get hardcore. I will fit in that fucking dress by the end of the week. Watch me. I am going to hang it up on the fridge as thinspiration. I want to say that I can do nothing but lean cuisine and slim fast, but god I get so hungry. I think I'll do salads, salads and lean cuisines. I think I heard the grilled chicken salad from McDonald's is low cal. Okay, I can do this. And I guess my ass should exercise. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. That dress is going to fit. Got major compliments on SATC outfit:

Dress: Black, gauzy tutu dress (Target)

Shoes: Shiny black ballet flats (somewhere in France)

Hair: Front pulled back. Loosely straightened.

Make-up: Black/Gold eyeshadow with smudgy "eyeliner" that was really just eyeshadow

Accessories: pearl earrings (claire's) with pearl necklace (gift from Mom) giant pink ring pop ring (Tori Spelling) black vinyl purse

Definitely a win.